N- The Doom Loop – The Truth Behind the Deep State's Plot to Bankrupt America

The Doom Loop

Former White House Budget Director Exposes the Truth Behind the Deep State’s Plot to Bankrupt America

The term “Doom Loop” describes a vicious cycle, where an attempted solution makes a situation worse by not addressing the root of the problem. In finance, this refers to the boom-bust-bailout structure that leads to economic crises.
Many believe this begins with risky investments and dangerous financial practices to increase profitability and growth, that soon bust – bringing the financial sector to its knees after an inevitable collapse.
And at the very heart of the Doom Loop is Wall Street’s complete confidence in a bailout, no matter how many laws they break or money they siphon from hard-working Americans. This gives them every incentive to take unbelievably high risks and leveraged bets.
What does all of this have to do with the latest Omnibus bill Trump just signed into law… and the Deep State’s plot to crash the economy?
David Stockman takes you inside the White House and up Wall Street, to show you what the Deep State really has in store for you, and how you can prepare for all the possible outcomes, in his exclusive new report, The Doom Loop: How The Deep State Will Bankrupt America.

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