N- The Immediate Retirement Fund

Washington’s Private “Pension Plan”

And collect up to $11,334 per month thanks to this “off-the-books” retirement income source that pays retired congressmen and government insiders millions each year…

They’ve been praying you’d never find out about this…

ax bills… budget deals… loopholes for their private jets…
It’s no secret.
Everybody knows our public officials rig the system in their favor.
But less than 1% of people realize how Washington D.C. has rigged retirement—and left you out in the cold.
Until recently, not even I did.
My name is Teeka Tiwari.
And I want you to look closely at this official government document.
Even as a financial insider—a former Wall Street VP and founder of a hedge fund—I’d never seen anything like it before.
As you can see up at the top, it’s called an Application for Immediate Retirement—also known as SF 2801.
This document grants D.C. insiders access to a lucrative Social Security alternative…
A private pension system which almost no one has heard of, because it’s only open to members of the U.S. Government.
I call it:

The “Immediate Retirement Fund.”

Because within 30 days, it can give you immediate access to all the income you’ll ever need for retirement, without working another day in your life.
Recipients of this fund receive a huge benefit up to $11,334, every month… guaranteed.
Just one of these big “Immediate Retirement” payouts is equivalent to a year’s worth of ordinary Social Security…
And over 30 years, this supercharged retirement benefit can literally transform the folks who collect it into MILLIONAIRES.
In short:
The “Immediate Retirement Fund” is like Social Security… only on steroids.
But there’s a problem. Because of a clause in this same document, you are FORBIDDEN from ever taking part in the government’s official program. By law.
However… where there’s a law, there’s a loophole.
I have just completed an investigation. And I’ve found a completely legal “backdoor” into the “Immediate Retirement Fund.”
And believe it or not, once you know what it is and how it works, you too can collect up to $11,334 in extra income every month.
And the best part is, you don’t have to be a congressman. You don’t need to live near Washington, D.C. And you don’t have to spend hours on the phone, or waiting in line at a government agency.
In fact, any investor can use this backdoor — because it’s not tied to any government program.
In a moment, I’ll show you how you can get started from the computer or device you’re watching this video on immediately.
Start now, and your first “Immediate Retirement payout” could be deposited in your bank account within days. And the money will continue to arrive every month…
For the rest of your life.
And it won’t affect your Social Security benefits. You won’t lose a dime.
Quite simply, “Immediate Retirement payouts” come from a special investment in the private sector. Meaning this extra income is ON TOP of any benefits you currently receive.
Wondering why you’ve never heard of this before?
Most likely, it’s because some of Washington’s most powerful have worked hard to keep you in the dark.
They don’t talk about it in the media.
They don’t advertise it on TV.
As The New York Times reported, the “Immediate Retirement Fund”: rarely emerges in public… [because] members of Congress shy away from talking about it.
Which is why, even though the “Immediate Retirement Plan” has existed since 1920, it’s still shrouded in secrecy.

Benefits received by members of Congress remain shrouded in secrecy.… Members of Congress don’t have to disclose… “Immediate Retirement Fund Payouts.”

– The Des Moines Register
Of course, on rare occasions insiders accidentally let the truth slip.
Buried in the back pages of The Wall Street Journal, Social Security’s former deputy commissioner admitted: special retirement plans like the “Immediate Retirement Fund” can put you “among the highest earners in [your] state.”
Imagine… making enough money to radically change your financial life, almost overnight.
Friend, you may not have to imagine much longer.
Thanks to the information I’m about to share with you, there’s a whole new way of retiring worry-free in America.
  • Sherry Walsh, for example, is down in Florida. She’s collected an extra $660 a month. And now owns a waterfront condo near Sarasota Bay.
  • Roger Stephenson is over in Arkansas. It’s been less than a year, yet he estimates he’ll have enough set aside to “pay for a new roof on his home.”
  • And up in New Hampshire, businesswoman Laura Miller is happy to report a new “second passive income.” On average, she’s raking in an extra $3,416 per month.
To find out how to join them, and the less than 1% of Americans currently taking advantage of the “Immediate Retirement Fund,” there are only three steps you need to follow.
  • Carve out some time in your schedule. Invite your significant other, if you’d like.
  • Power up your computer, tablet, cellphone. Any internet-compatible device will work.
  • Take a few minutes and follow these simple setup instructions, which I’ll give you. Right now.
The best way to show you how this opportunity works is for you to see it in action.
So, let me show you some of the most famous examples in history.
Think back to November 17, 1973…
Revelations about Watergate are leaking to the press. But President Nixon promises the American people “I am not a crook!”
Nixon, of course, famously said “If you can’t lie, you’ll never go anywhere.” So, it’s no surprise that he was forced to resign shortly after.
But I want you to look at him on the day of his departure.
Look close… Does this seem like a man who just lost his job?
I don’t think so.
On that day, Nixon was also withholding another Watergate-level secret from the public.
Not only was he about to collect the standard pension U.S. Presidents collect…
He was also about to cash in big checks from the “Immediate Retirement Fund.”
Thanks to official government documents obtained by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, we now know he pocketed $34,992 annually.
That’s worth almost $200,000 a year in today’s money.
But that’s nothing compared to his close confidant, Vice President, Gerald Ford.
Less than a month after Nixon left the White House, Ford pardoned him of all wrongdoing.
Yet few people know that after serving the highest office in the land, Ford collected an extra monthly payout worth $6,133. Again, all courtesy of the “Immediate Retirement Fund.”
According to our estimates, during his retirement, President Ford took home a total worth $4.1 million  
Again, this is money on top of his presidential pension. His monthly income payments were so large he’d literally be on the list of richest presidents, just behind Barack Obama.
But by no means is the “Immediate Retirement Fund” limited to presidents.
From Al Gore Sr. to Montana Senator and former Senate Majority leader Mike Mansfield, who’ve both collected over 7-figures… all the way to the most dishonest of politicians…
  • Duke Cunningham, for example, was a member of the House of Representatives. He also represents everything wrong with American politics. Bribery, tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud… Duke did it all.
Finally, justice was served. But throughout his eight-year sentence, the “Immediate Retirement Fund” paid him $42,000 annually.
  • Congressman William Jefferson’s corruption also knew no bounds. He was raking in so much dirty money, feds found part of his hoard in his freezer, stashed away in boxes of pie crusts.
Yet, even the feds couldn’t confiscate his “Immediate Retirement payouts.” We estimate they were worth $674,000 over the course of his jail time.
  • And then there’s former Chief Deputy Whip Dan Rostenkowski…
He automatically receives a huge, five-figure check from the “Immediate Retirement Fund” every month. It was more than enough to keep his three homes and waterfront property in San Marco Island while behind bars.
You see, payouts from the “Immediate Retirement Fund” are set in stone.
Once you begin collecting, nothing can take them away from you.
Not if a financial crisis like 2008 strikes… not if the threat of a government shutdown looms large… not even if you’re locked away in prison!
And it’s been this way since 1920.
That’s right. The “Immediate Retirement Fund” has been paying out a fortune to the political elite before Social Security was even created.
And you, I, along with everybody else on main street will never be allowed to benefit from Washington’s Fund.
But that all changes right now.
For the first time ever, I’m going to show you how you can set up “backdoor” access to your own retirement fortune…
Using the same exact financial vehicle powering this supercharged system.
To show you how…

Let Me Introduce You to Dave Clark.

I came across this gentleman’s story online during my investigation. You have to hear this.
At 70-years-young, Dave is living out a retirement that’s a dream of so many… but a reality for so few.
He calls South Florida home—where beaches and sunshine are in abundance year-round. And the golf course is only a couple minutes away… a good thing considering Dave plays four times a week at his $20-grand a year country club.
When it’s time to vacation, Dave spares no expense.
His log cabin tucked away in the North Georgia mountains is perfect for escaping Florida’s heat. And splurging on $1,000-a-night cruises for him and his wife is the norm.
With this kind of wealth, you might guess Dave’s a retired lobbyist. Or a Fortune 500 CEO.
But you’d be wrong.
He’s just a guy who grew up in a small town in Western New York.
A guy who, luckily, discovered how to legally unlock the backdoor of the “Immediate Retirement Fund” … all thanks to his decades as an attorney focused on trust law and estate planning for the wealthy.
Today, Dave’s set himself up to collect $100,000 a year
For the rest of his life, guaranteed!
That means $8,333 will be deposited in his bank account every month, month after month, with no end in sight.
Here’s the truly incredible part:
As Dave explained, tapping into the secret behind what we call Washington D.C.’s “Immediate Retirement Fund” is “actually quite easy and the process is very transparent.”
You won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.
Dave simply went online. Selected the “Immediate Retirement Fund” that best fit his personal situation. Then started collecting payments by making one investment.
It’s as easy as going on to Amazon.com and picking out a book to read.
You scroll through a special website. You fill out a form with your basic information. And you click a few buttons.
That’s it.
Instantly, you’ll be presented with a full run down of every “Immediate Retirement Fund” available… including how much it will pay you every month, down to the penny.
Shortly after—in one month—a new private, lucrative, and unending income stream is yours. If you invest a sizeable amount—like Dave did—you could collect huge payments, all the way up to $11,334.
This is the complete and total opposite of applying for Social Security.
In fact, once you access the “Immediate Retirement Fund” the backdoor way… this extra monthly income will have nothing to do with Capitol Hill. Or any state or federal government program.
And it couldn’t come at a better time for you…
You see, after decades of incompetence and mismanagement, even the Social Security Board of Trustees admits:

Unless Congress Acts, the Social Security “Trust Fund Now Faces the Urgent Threat of Depletion.”

– Social Security Trustees
Because taking advantage of the “Immediate Retirement Fund” is so different from applying for Social Security—and there is so little information on it—I’ve just completed a massive undertaking.
I’ve spent the past two years developing a solution I know will fix this problem….
And could help change your financial life, starting immediately.
In a nutshell, I’ve put everything you need to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity in a special digital resource. Think of it as an easy-to-read instruction manual.
I call it, simply: The Big Black Book
It will help you follow in Dave’s footsteps… and show you the quick setup process, from A-to-Z. More importantly, it’ll introduce you to the top “Immediate Retirement Funds” you should look at right away.
I want to make sure I’m being crystal clear.
So, let me open this one-of-a-kind guidebook, and show you exactly what’s inside.
Right off the bat, you’ll discover the one truth policy makers hoped you would never find out:
·       Washington D.C.’s “Immediate Retirement Fund” isn’t the only one of these rare income sources. There are actually multiple funds, headquartered from coast to coast. They’re hidden from most people. Yet, you can easily access them via the private sector… if you know how and where to find them.  
Take one “Immediate Retirement Fund” headquartered in Philadelphia. It’s been in business since 1905.
And starting next month, and every month after that, it could pay you $3,701.15.
In fact, it wants to pay you.
Its business depends on it.
Understand, these particular companies are in a simple business… the business of acquiring valuable income-producing assets. And then dispersing that income to people like you.
The first “Immediate Retirement Fund” you can take advantage of, as you’ll see in The Black Book, is an absolute treasure trove.
It’s owned 21 major radio stations and television channels… broadcasting Carolina Panthers games, hugely popular Nascar races, and ACC college basketball to living rooms across the country.
The daily advertising revenue from these ventures alone has been worth millions.
It even owns a stake in the Philadelphia Eagles stadium.
Typically, assets like these are only available to billionaires—the 1% of the 1%.
But now, through Philadelphia’s “Immediate Retirement Fund,” you can get your share. All told, it owns $262 billion worth of income-producing assets.
That’s more money than the world’s biggest hedge fund has under management,. That’s why, depending on your initial investment, paying you $3,701.15 a month can be easy.
The best part…
Since this money comes from a unique operation in the private sector, you don’t have to work, visit, or have ever been a resident of Philadelphia.
Before I show you how to get started, let me show you this next fund. It is equally impressive.
Next time you’re in New York, go to the top of the Empire State Building. Look down at Madison Avenue, right between 26th and 27th street.
You’ll see this forty-story skyscraper with a gold pyramid jetting into the sky.
Not only is this a historic landmark… it’s a billion-dollar asset under the sole control of New York’s top “Immediate Retirement Fund.” This company has operated in Manhattan since before the Statue of Liberty was built.
Today, its foundation of assets is rock-solid, resting on more than $500 billion.
That’s why this private New York based operation is more than willing—and able—to potentially reward you with $8,885.73 every month of every year depending on your initial investment.
And it’s been doing so for over 80 years.
For instance, when the Great Depression slammed into the U.S., it hit New York first.
Much has been said about “bank runs”… and all the money major financial institutions lost. But people forget: there was a line literally a mile-long outside of providers of “Immediate Retirement Funds.”
They were one of few operations that remained solvent, and still strong enough to continue paying out cash.
Of course, today, folks don’t even know about these special funds. Let alone understand how to start collecting their share of the income.
And I believe we now know why…
After the Depression, the popularity of these private sources of extra monthly income soared. Then Washington created the Securities Act of 1933. It cuffed providers in regulations. Ultimately restricting the advertising to the public.
That’s why “Immediate Retirement Funds” remains one of the greatest financial secrets in America…

Our Establishment
Wants Them Secret.

And you should be mad as hell.
Because, they’ve effectively stolen $385,000 from your retirement.
If you knew about Massachusetts’ fund and the $1,070 it could pay you every month… that’s the total amount you’ll miss out on collecting over a retirement.
Of course, it depends on your circumstance. And how much you chose to invest.
But your “Immediate Retirement payout” could also be a lot more… so much more the amount could exceed $1 million in the years ahead.
Sound impossible?
Consider these facts: This “Immediate Retirement Fund” located near Boston might just be the most successful in the U.S.
At one point, it helped back Brown-Forman distillers—the maker of Jack Daniel’s, the world’s best-selling whiskey.
Before that, it took strategic positions in legendary mines and operators in the Gold Rush.
This provider is the oldest, by far, in the United States. It’s been accumulating ultra-valuable, income-producing assets before the New York Stock Exchange was open.
Which brings me to a key point.
Right now, you might be thinking, this is some kind of stock investment. Or that maybe it has to do with options, or bonds, or cryptocurrencies. It’s not.
It predates Wall Street as we know it today—you can’t buy, sell, or trade shares of this type of private fund. No stockbroker can sell you a plan. Or siphon wealth away from you via fees.
The same goes for all “Immediate Retirement Funds” we just covered.
When you collect from these special “funds” you’re protected by a legally binding covenant. In effect, it makes you a silent “partner” in this business.
Altogether, there are about 50 of these unique funds scattered throughout America, and depending on the amount you put in at the start, each can pay out massively.
Thanks to a “Immediate Retirement Fund” provider based in Iowa, you could collect an extra $1,398.01 every month.
A fund in Texas could provide you with a $3,650 monthly income stream.
And this is extraordinary—Minnesota’s “Immediate Retirement Plan” could soon fund your retirement with a five-figure benefit… potentially $10,024.56 every month. For the rest of your life.
Of course, nothing in the market is guaranteed. Nothing is risk-free. Never invest more than you’re willing to lose. That said, even a small investment in these opportunities could be enough to change your life.
The Big Black Book is the only resource I know of that can guide you to all these opportunities.
It’s the only way you’ll learn way into an “Immediate Retirement Fund” via the private sector…. and start a stream of income checks flowing to your bank account month after month, building up to what could be a retirement fortune in the process.
With that in mind, what I’m about to say might surprise you.
Believe it or not, I want to give this incredible source of information to you…

For Free.

As I mentioned, my name is Teeka Tiwari.
When I was 21, I became the youngest vice president in Shearson Lehman’s 90-year history.
Word of my success traveled fast on Wall Street.
Fox, CNBC, and ABC Nightline sought out my expertise. I founded my own hedge fund. Wealthy executives around the world poured in money.
I’m not telling you this to brag.
There’s a twist to this story. And it’s the reason why I’ve gone to such lengths to speak with you today… and put The Big Black Book in your hands.
At the height of my career, I left Wall Street forever.
And I joined an unusual “network” with an unusual mission.
Our main headquarters are about a half hour from Capitol Hill… but we’re not a government agency.
We have offices in 17 countries… but we’re not a corporate conglomerate.
And if you were to visit… you would meet New York Times best-selling authors, former members of the Carter and Reagan administration, advisors to the intelligence community… as well as board-certified Surgeons, MBAs, and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists.
Together, we form a very special collective known as The Agora.
And there’s one lesson we have all learned from long experience:
The establishment doesn’t have mainstreet America’s best interests at heart.
Washington’s “Immediate Retirement Fund” is a perfect example. While elites rake in this private, lucrative, and unending source of income every month… 4.8 million seniors struggle to get by on Food Stamps.
But that’s where the division I’m a part of comes in.
When we uncover opportunities of this magnitude, we investigate. Then we share them with our members… everyday Americans just like you. That’s why more people follow our work every day than tune into CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News combined.
Our most important work to date is in The Big Black Book.
And I know that for a fact. Because we’ve already released the information inside to our readers, and they’ve been absolutely blown away by the results.
  • Like Rebecca Whitmyre. She’s 77-years-old. Because her Social Security is so meager, she still works five days a week. But now, she’s collected an extra $4,556.30.
  • Bruce Pierce is an airline pilot. For years, he’s made a good living. However, it’s his newfound income really padding his wallet. He reports an extra $83,000 annually.
  • Or Roy Foster. So far, he’s made $8,500 a month (on average). It’s no wonder he wishes he learned about this 20 years ago. As he put it: “I would be a millionaire today.”
Plain and simple, the secrets in The Big Black Book have helped my subscribers collect moreincome than they dreamed possible, faster than they dreamed possible.
Now, here’s the part I love…
Unlike the political elite motivated by greed, and greed alone… when you ask these folks what really matters, it’s about their loved-ones.
  • Take John Eberly, for instance.
During the 2008 financial crisis he “lost about 13 to 14 years of life savings.” But within five months of accessing the info inside The Big Black Book, he’s already put away money for his children’s college education.
John describes it best: “I believe it’s life changing.”
  • Then there’s Sharon and Mark Pratt.
They’ve funded a small business. Bought a new car. And they too have been able to stash money away for their three daughters and son’s future. As they said:
“Whatever God calls them to pursue, they’ll have the resources available.”
These are extraordinary stories.
And I can’t guarantee you’ll see the same success.
After all, maybe you’re ok with relying on Social Security, which at this point, is just a glorified piggybank for politicians to misuse however they want.
However, since you’ve invested your time here today, I highly doubt that’s the case.
If you think it’s unethical that Washington has kept “Immediate Retirement Funds” secret… And if you think everyone should know how to seize an opportunity for a well-deserved retirement…

You and I Are in Complete Agreement.

That’s why I’m going to give you immediate access to The Big Black Book of Income Secrets(digital edition, while you’re waiting for your physical one).
You’re not going to pay a penny.
Not until you see the proof for yourself that it can help you make money.
Ahead, I’ll give you directions on how to do that.
Right now, I have to tell you…
You’re in for a treat.
The Big Black Book lives up to its name. It is 410 pages long.
And each chapter is its own treasure chest of prized safe-havens, secrets, and strategies that America’s elite hoped you would never discover.
For instance, have you ever heard of “770 accounts?” Experts estimate not 1 in 1,500 Americans know it exists.
But it’s crucial you know about them. And I’m going to give you 400,000 reasons why.
See this number? $400,000
That’s how much an esteemed colleague of mine pulled out of the U.S. financial system… and put into “770 Accounts.” Over the next few years, he could remove hundreds of thousands more from bank accounts and other conventional investments.
But here’s the thing…
It’s not because he’s a “prepper.” Or fears another financial crisis.
His name is Tom Dyson. America’s third largest bank entrusted Tom with overseeing transactions worth billions every week. During World War II, Barclays trusted his grandfather to lead them as Chairman.
In short: banking is in Tom’s blood. In the world of high-finance, he’s connected as they come.
And right now, he’s pulled out nearly half a million dollars of his family’s money so he can stash it in little-known “770 Accounts.”
“770’s” are like bank accounts, but vastly better. They have nothing to do the with the U.S. government.
And According to Tom, they pay 30 to 40 TIMES more interest than banks in your hometown pay.
This kind of explosive growth can put an extra six-figures in your pocket, over time.
In fact, this growth is so safe and so profitable big banks quietly put their own money here. FDIC records show they’ve “backed up the truck” and loaded $161 billion into these accounts.
But that’s far from the most incredible part.
Believe it or not, the money you deposit into a “770 Account” grows tax-free. 100% out of Uncle Sam’s reach.
You’d think politicians would never let such a generous loophole slide, right?
Of course they would! IF it means they’re profiting handsomely.
From Vice President Joe Biden, to Hillary Clinton, along with America’s richest Senator Mark Warner and 54 other Congressmen and White House officials…
The political elite have stuffed millions into these special, tax-free “770 accounts.”
And they’ve been doing it behind your back so long, it’ll make your head explode.
For example, you probably know that there was no taxation in the U.S. until President Taft “legalized” it in 1913. But few know that he snuck by his landmark rule with his own “770.”
Not long after Taft, FDR rose to power, and set the top tax rate at an astronomical 94%. So, is it any wonder he hid $7 million (in today’s money) in a “770 Account?”
This is why The Wall Street Journal reports “770 Accounts” have become:
“A tax shelter for the rich… it gives the affluent tax advantages far beyond those available to middle-income people through a 401(k) or IRA.”
But there is good news.
You don’t have to be rich to benefit from a “770.” Actually, you can open one with as little as $200.
And your money can start growing tax-free immediately.
To get started, you just need to know what steps to take.
And The Big Black Book will take you through step by step, and show them to you.
I had my colleague Tom author this section. He’s the number one authority on this rare account. To my knowledge, no one in America has successfully taught more folks the ins-and-out of “770s.”
Take a look here…
After Tom shared this secret with one of his friends, a father of three from Florida, this gentleman was able to pull out $4,500 from his account.
Another fellow used his “770” to help buy this beach house for his family. Just look at that million-dollar view.
You know, it’s sad, but most people’s golden years are anything but golden. They don’t wake up to the beach. They don’t have $4 grand to spare.
It’s not that the system is rigged…
It’s that there’s an entirely different system you don’t have access to.
You’ve seen it first-hand here today.
You’ve probably gone your whole life, and never once heard of an “Immediate Retirement Fund” or these tax-advantaged “770 Accounts” that pay up to 40 times more interest than your bank.
But the elites have been taking full advantage.
They even have a far superior way of investing in stocks.
This is another huge bombshell inside The Big Black Book.

Take a Quick Look at This Chart
and You’ll See What I Mean:

This is a chart of Apple, the world’s most valuable company.
Millions of investors own it. They’re betting Apple’s innovative products will steadily boost its value. If you want to build wealth slowly, it’s a sound strategy.
But what if you want the payout, right now, today?
And what if, like me, you abhor risk… and want virtually no chance of losing money when you invest?
Then my friend, you need to stop buying stocks the “old” way. And you need to start leveraging a secret Wall Street veterans call, “I.C.O.D. Transactions.”
Using this technique, you can realistically collect $100s to $1,000s from ordinary blue-chips like Apple—without buying a single share of stock… and without needing more than seven minutes of spare time.
It’s true.
It’s as straightforward as logging into your brokerage account. Then selecting Apple as if you’re going to buy shares, but instead, punching in a unique 16-digit transaction code.
It sounds unbelievable, but once you enter the code…
Well, it’s like the name says: I.C.O.D.—Instant Cash ODemand.
Automatically, real money will be sent to your account. It could be $300, $700, $1,200 or more.
And while, theoretically, you could end up owning shares of stock with I.C.O.D. transactions…
You never have to buy a single share of stock upfront.
But don’t just take my word for it…
Here at my research firm, we put this strategy to the test, live on camera.
Bob Irish, a 74-year-old retiree from Florida, volunteered first. Bob was a financial professional for three decades. Even so, he’d never done this before.
And look what happened… in just under seven minutes, he generated $334 of instant cash from Apple. Not one share of this tech giant was purchased.
Incredible, isn’t it? Well, get this…
I haven’t even mentioned the most exciting part of this stunningly fast moneymaker.
As you flip through The Black Book’s pages, you’ll learn that Apple’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can initiate an “I.C.O.D. Transaction” on virtually any stock, any time of the day, during any week of the year.
Again—don’t just take my word for it.
This is Isabel, a grandmother of two.
As you can imagine, extra cash to spoil her grandkids is always appreciated. So, when we showed her how to execute an I.C.O.D. on CVS, she was ecstatic.
Meet John. John told us he’s the total opposite of a tech-wiz.
However, that didn’t stop him from learning how to make hundreds of dollars with simple “Instant Cash On Demand Transactions” all in less time than it takes to brew coffee.
There’s an important point I want to make here.
John… Isabel… Bob… they’re my colleagues. They tried this “Instant Cash on Demand” technique because doing so is a vital part of my organization.
Quite simply: Every time we recommend a new strategy or off-the-radar opportunity to our private subscribers… first it must pass the ultimate test:
Does it really work?
The best way to find out is to roll up our sleeves, and give it a go.
We’ve followed the same thorough process with every secret in The Big Black Book. And we’ve distilled that research into easy-to-read chapters. Each contains:
1.   “A—Z” instructions on how to get started, as fast as possible.
2.   A full breakdown of the “pros and cons” of each opportunity (as we all know, not every investment is perfect for everyone).
3.   You’ll also see meticulously researched case studies. They’ll show you how much you can expect to make depending on your financial situation.
In total, there are 21 chapters.
Or rather: 21 obscure opportunities for funding a retirement with tens of thousands of dollars… all with as much ease and as little work and startup capital possible.
  • The “Billionaire’s Jackpot.”  A brand-new way to play the “lottery” in America.
Players of this “lottery” win 95% of the time.
It’s so innovative (and lucrative)… Google and the billionaire co-founder of PayPal have invested their money using this type of play.
Interestingly, this jackpot has nothing to do with any traditional lottery.
  • Or “Warren Buffett Bonds.”
If you’d guess the largest investment Buffett’s ever made was in stocks like Coke, or American Express… you’d be wrong.
He stashed $20 billion into an obscure asset, which gives him the upside of a stock with the safe, steady income of a bond.
Normally, this investment is off limits to the public. But there’s one little trick you can use to access it through your portfolio today.
  • And the “crash-proof 401(k)”
This special 401(k) was invented by one of America’s brightest financial minds—this man helped Charles Schwab grow a sector of their retirement-income business from zero to $1.7 billion.
Again, there is much, much more in here…
And it’s all yours free and clear.
Now, I am no saint. I’m not making you this offer out of charity.
You see, this is personal
I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Before I became a hedge fund manager… before I was one of the youngest VP’s in Wall Street history…
I flipped burgers at Roy Rogers in New York.
And that was just my day job. By night, I worked on the Brooklyn docks.
I’m damn proud of it, too.
I was a 16-year-old kid who left the British foster care system—I had no family, no connections. Only $150 in my pocket. I did anything I had to make it in America.
The point is, I may have worked my way to the top of Wall Street. But I’m from main street.
I don’t live in a Manhattan penthouse, and I don’t want to. My wife, two daughters and I live in the Poconos.
It’s a great place to raise a family. Everyone knows each other by name. And we do favors for our neighbors… not out of self-serving interest…
But because that’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s the golden rule.
And I’m going to do an honest-to-goodness favor for you today, if you’ll allow it.
I’m “gifting” you this one-of-a-kind guidebook, which I’ve spent over 7 years and 7-figures worth of company resources putting together. It’s yours to keep forever.
I only ask one thing in return…

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