Mysterious Helicopters

Chân Lý hai bên dãy Pyrénées 
Hôm nay Nhà báo Tông Đơ hạ giọng, thì thào, thì thầm tin hành lang tuyệt mật về mấy chiếc “máy bay lên thẳng” bí ẩn của bọn đế quốc Mỹ. Nghe xong im miệng, không được kể cho ai khác nghe nhé

“Mysterious Helicopters” Rescuing ISIS And al-Qaeda – A Brief Timeline

Although the United States government routinely denies that it in any way cooperates with ISIS, reports continue to manifest themselves demonstrating exactly the opposite, particularly in Syria. Over the course of the war and ever since the emergence of the terrorist organization on the world scene, there have been a number of “mysterious helicopters” that extract ISIS fighters from battlefields in which they are facing imminent defeat either by the legitimate government of the countries in which they are fighting, pro-government militias, or even ahead of “anti-ISIS” strikes by the alleged “anti-ISIS coalition.”

While not attempting to go in to a detailed explanation or analysis of each incident, below are a number of reports of such “airlifts of evil” that have surfaced over the last two years. The Pentagon, as mentioned above, has repeatedly denied these reports.

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