Archives at Home

Archives at Home
While our research rooms, museums, and Presidential Libraries are closed due to the ongoing health crisis, you can always turn to the National Archives for a wide selection of online content and to conduct research in our Catalog. Whether you are a student, an educator, a genealogist and even a curious nerd, we offer a multitude of ways for people at home to enrich their understanding of our nation’s history through our records and even contribute to our mission. All from the comfort of your couch!
President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon in the Living Room of the Western White House, La Casa Pacifica, San Clemente, California, 1/13/1971. National Archives Identifier 194344
Citizen Archivist Missions
Ready for an #ArchivesAtHome challenge? We’re looking to transcribe some of our biggest files on the online Catalog! 

For our latest challenge, help transcribe the 409 page Disapproved Pension Application File for Hannah J. Fulkerson, Widow of 1st Lieutenant Abram Fulkerson. 
Was she actually a horse thief, a madam, and a Confederate sympathizer, or does everyone in the town just hate her? Find a page without a blue tag and start transcribing!
New to the citizen archivist program? Learn how to register and get started.

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