2022-05-21 Judicial Watch WINS – Gender quota law

12-14-2021- Bombshell: Patrick Byrne Explains How Deep the Deep State Is

20-20-2021- Four Parasites Found in Pfizer and Moderna COVID911 Jabs

10-09-2021- TRÊN LỜ MỜ – DƯỚI RỐI LOẠN

09-30-2021- 3 warfares doctrine – CCP




08-31-2021- ‘Bring the Whole F*cking System Down’

’08-31-2021- Hundreds’ of Americans Still in Afghanistan After Last Military Flight

Unvaccinated Delta Staff Ordered to Pay $200 Monthly

08-26-2021- Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”

08-23-2021- Nearly 15 Million Mail-in-Ballots Unaccounted for in 2020 Election, Report Says



08-07-2021- TỐI CAO PHÁP VIỆN

   Bài Đọc Thêm: GIAN LẬN BẦU CỬ

08-02-2021- An Alternative To Paypal Is Coming

07-24-2021- 6 THÁNG BIDEN

07-14-2021- Concerns Surround IMF Plan to Flood World With Liquidity The End of Dollar?

Lawrence R. Spencer. Phỏng vấn người nước ngoài

(phỏng vấn người ngoài hành tinh)

07-03-2021- GIAN LẬN BẦU CỬ

07-02-2021- Evidence Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’ May Have Been an Intelligence Operation

07-01-2021- Exposing the Failures of the Country’s Top General

06-28-2021- Has McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch Been Flipped?

06-24-2021- @Johnheretohelp: Pelosi, High-Ranking General EXPOSED in Jan 6 and Babbitt Murder

06-23-2021- Warren Buffett Resigns From Gates Foundation Board

06-18-2021- Myanmar’s Coming Revolution

06-18-2021- IRS Denies Tax Exemption to Texas Religious Group

06-14-2021- Mega-Drought and Mega Food Shortages – Dane Wigington

06-13-2021- Dark Journalist: Antarctica UFO Secrets and Alien Invasion Op


06-10-2021- Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body

06-08-2021- CCP Set-Up by the Globalists, SWQW Plot Foiled?

06-07-2021- Bush Family Foundation Takes Millions From Communist Chinese

06-07-2021- how Communists infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy during the 20th Century

06-06-2021- Hacking the Brain with Nanoparticles

06-06-2021- US Gave More Money to Chinese Lab for Bat Research Than Fauci Claimed


06-05-2021- Dr David Martin: Rough Ride Ahead but Humanity Will Prevail!

05-30-2021- Update on False UFO Disclosure

05-28-2021- Brainwashed America – Part 1

05-26-2021- “9/11” Cover Up Director Appointed to Chair COVID Cover Up Group

05-22-2021- Dark Journalist: The CIA False Alien UFO Invasion Op

Report reveals UC-Berkeley’s ‘Equity and Inclusion’ budget is $25 MILLION

EXCLUSIVE: Nikole Hannah-Jones UNC offer letter lists $180,000 yearly salary

REPORT: Law students come after White classmate who read aloud racial epithet as written in case

05-18-2021- Learn Why Bill Gates is Being Brought Down for Failing China’s Takeover

05-17-2021- Clif High – The Woo Deal

05-14-2021- President Xiden Hacked the Pipeline

05-06-2021- The BIG LIE Revealed

05-02-2021- Pivot – Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World

05-01-2021- Doctor Exposes Anti-Human Endgame Behind Vaccines

04-28-2021- Greg Reese: Big Pharma’s Rape of Mankind

04-27-2021- Leigh Dundas – The Rise of Freedom over the Fourth Reich

04-26-2021- Doctor Breaks Ranks from the Elite for Truth and Freedom

China 2050: The Path to Domination

04-15-2021- What If Cancel Culture Fascists Have a Clinical Condition

04-14-2021- CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency

04-13-2021- Law of War: The Storm (Super-Proof)

04-12-2021- Former Pfizer VP: They’re Going to Kill You and Your Family

04-11-2021- Jay Dyer – Breakdown of SPARS 2025-2028 Depopulation Document


04-04-2021- the British Empire Reconquer the USA During the 20th Century

04-03-2021- Lt Scott Bennett joins Jim Fetzer

US Labor Unions Controlled by the CCP

11-01-2020- Biden Crime Family Sold Out the Free World

10-19-2020- Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

09-29-2020- Banksters, Wet Works and Pedo Networks

09-23-2020- Military Coup: What is Planned, Names Behind the Plan

Marine Corps’ Builds New Littoral Regiment, Eye On Fake Chinese Islands

09-22-2020- 9/11 Was An Inside Job; Could They Do It Again?

3 ways a 6-3 Supreme Court would be different

09-16-2020- Secret Space Program

09-16-2020- Trump Vs The Military-Industrial-Complex

Secret NGAD Fighter Flies, Sets Records

9/11 Truth Coming Out Fast

Bike Rally Vs Black Lives Matter “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” Protests

Free Palestine” Vandalism of Kenosha Synagogue During Riots

Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary)

How To Steal An Election, Part 2

How To Steal An Election, Part 1

The US & Its Constitution Have 2 Months Left

“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan For Chaos If Trump Wins The Election

Elon Musk’s Neuralink

09-05-2020-  TIN PHỊA TIẾP TỤC

09-05-2020 – The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers

Active-Duty Troops Support Biden Over Trump

Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics

The Great Reset: Davos and the Plot to Cancel Trump

Soros And Cohorts Pumping Billions Into Mail-In Vote Effort

New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State

Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell’s 2020 RNC Speech

Are The Tables Starting To Turn?

US Condemns PRC For Paracel Missile Shots

DoD War Games Predict ‘Extremely Destabilizing’ Chinese Military Parity

DoD Needs New Policies, Ethics For Brain-Computer Links

Is California Over?

08-26-2020- Chaos in Kenosha

08-26-2020- The Gates Foundation Manipulates The Media Narrative

08-26-2020- Republican convention speakers target the media

08-26-2020- Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should Not Accept Results Of The 2020 Election

George Floyd Had Stunning Level of Drugs in System

The Global Elite Have Far More Control Over Us Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

Satellite Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering ‘Top Secret Cave’

Bibi Said Yes To F-35 Sale To UAE, Eye On Normalized Relations

shadowGate- Millie Weaver SECRET Indictment – Lawyer Explains

Plandemic II: Indoctornation

US Signs Massive $62 Billion Weapons Deal With Taiwan


08-14-2020- The Truth About Internet Censorship

08-14-2020- How Trump Unmade U.S. Foreign Policy

08-14-2020- China Owns Us

08-14-2020- Big Tech pushes voter initiatives to counter misinformation

08-14-2020- The Scowcroft Model

08-13-2020- Unmasking the Masks Agenda

08-13-2020- Fed’s “Direct Money Transfers

08-12-2020- National Media Silent After Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old White Boy

08-11-2020- Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris

07-30-2020- The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 1

07-30-2020- GDP contracted at record 32.9%

07-30-2020- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg RESPONDS to Rep. Matt Gaetz

07-30-2020- Republican Reps Grill Google CEO Over ‘Collaboration’ With China

07-30-2020- Twitter Never Suspended Chinese Spokesman

07-28-2020- The Harsh Truth – Why so Many Refuse to See It

07-28-2020- 10 Big Fat Lies About The Portland Riots

07-28-2020- Portland: The Pentagon Should Step-Up Or Pipe-Down

07-28-2020- Soros Funds Campaign of St. Louis Prosecutor

07-28-2020- Intelligence Agencies Release AI Ethics Principles

07-26-2020- Donald Trump Is a Broken Man (from the left)

07-26-2020- The United States Needs a New Foreign Policy (from the left)

07-26-2020- Photos Of Greatly Expanded Russian Presence In Libya

07-25-2020- Election 2020: The Worst Case Scenario

07-25-2020- China’s Economy Needs Institutional Reform

07-26-2020- Mike Ditka Against Anthem Kneeling


07-25-2020- We Found “Vehicles Not Made On This Earth

07-25-2020- Space War: US To Meet With Russia

07-24-2020- Poll: Most say schools should open in the fall

07-24-2020- Exclusive – Sen. Tom Cotton – Google over Potential Antitrust Violations

07-24-2020- Amazon Met with Startups About Investing, then Launched Competing Products

07-24-2020- Protesters Claim Anti-Netanyahu Group Linked to Jeffrey Epstein

07-24-2020- Joe Biden’s Plan Is A Betrayal Of Working-Class Americans

Whitehead: The Federal Coup

07-24-2020- Wall Street Journal editorial board slams ‘cancel culture’

07-23-2020- Pompeo on Communist China

07-24-2020- New York Times Publishes Chinese Scientist’s Coronavirus Op-Ed

07-24-2020- A Supermassive Black Hole Turning Off and On Again

07-23-2020- ‘Secret’ PLA Members Are Doing  In 25 US Cities

07-22-2020- Hollywood’s New Era of McCarthyism

07-22-2020- A Modest Proposal for a Name Change

07-22-2020- Donald Trump -Expanding Federal Forces to Chicago, Albuquerque

07-22-2020- Cancel Culture Could Destroy Democrats

07-22-2020- Teacher Was Fired After Saying ‘Trump Is Our President’

07-22-2020- Leftists Have Been Calling to ‘Defund the Police’ for Over a Decade

07-22-2020- Google appears to blacklist conservative news sites

07-22-2020- Chicago – Bodies Everywhere

07-22-2020- Chicago – I Can’t Believe We Survived’

07-22-2020- Twitter Targets QAnon

07-22-2020- Global Pop Star Dua Lipa

07-22-2020- The China’s military forces- A STUDENT AT STANFORD

07-21-2020- FedEx Hitman Didn’t Kill Himself

07-21-2020- Tucker Carlson Livid; Dismantles The New York Times

07-21-2020- Emails Shows Frantic Exchange Between Top FBI Officials

07-21-2020- Deepfakes and the New AI-Generated Fake Media Creation

07-17-2020- ‘People Who Want Dead Cops’

07-17-2020- George Soros’ Clandestine Takeover of DA Offices

07-15-2020- Bari Weiss Quits New York Times

07-15-2020- NYT ‘Chief Threat To Democracy’

07-15-2020- New York magazine -Andrew Sullivan resigns

07-15-2020- Architects of the Plandemic

07-15-2020- Self-Care for Black Journalists

07-15-2020- Meet the New Black Press

07-14-2020- What Is The Real Purpose Of The Lockdowns?

07-14-2020- Venezuelafication of American Politics

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science Since WW2

07-08-2020- Democrats ‘Actually Hate America’

07-07-2020- Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State PsyOp

07-06-2020- Pro-America Independence Day Speech From Mount Rushmore

07-06-2020- Tucker Carlson On The Federalist Radio Hour

07-06-2020- Parler feels like a Trump rally

07-06-2020- Inside the Ad Boycott That Has Facebook on the Defensive

07-06-2020- Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Politicians for Israel’s Mossad

07-06-2020- Chinese Firm – To Remove Hunter Biden From Its Board

07-04-2020- Green Beret Reveals What America and the 4th of July


07-04-2020- You Are On Stolen land

07-04-2020- Conservative Mom Scores Massive Election Win

America the Beautiful

07-04-2020- 50 Years Ago a Pro-Cop Hollywood Legend

06-30-2020- Inside the Michael Flynn Case and DOJ Reform

06-30-2020 -New Iranian Missile Could Strike Central Europe

06-29-2020- China Threatens In Paracels; Three US Carrier Groups Sail The Philippine Sea

06-29-2020- The Old America Is Dead

06-29-2020- Is Not Dead Yet!


06-26-2020- Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why

06-25-2020- The list of 20 Chinese firms ‘backed by China’s military’

06-25-2020- Facebook “Insider” Tells All

06-25-2020- Treason, Sedition…There Is No Escape

06-25-2020- 500 Investigations Underway Into Riots

06-24-2020- Facebook – If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat

06-17-2020- The Enemy Within: A Story Of The Purge Of American Intelligence

06-17-2020- Mirror Image- Of Sun & Earth In Deep Space

06-17-2020- Facebook Groups Are Destroying America

06-17-2020- Google is cracking down on two right-wing outlets

06-6-2020- Military Coup?

96-16-2020- Do Deep State Elements Operate Within The Protest Movement?

06-16-2020- Chinese Scientist Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan

Canadian government scientist under investigation

06-15-2020- Seattle Resident Living on the Border of CHAZ Speaks Out

06-15-2020- Bill Classifying Attacks on Trump Supporters as Hate Crimes

06-14-2020- The Details the FBI Omitted in Russian Collusion Intelligence Report

06-11-2020- Spec Ops Expert Jeffrey Prather on Antifa Insurgency

06-11-2020- The Tsunami Begins, But You Knew That…

06-09-2020-  This Is What’s REALLY Driving the Race Riots in America

06-09-2020- Don’t Treat Africans Like Kids

06-08-2020- China vs Basel: Battle of the Globalists

06-08-2020- The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper

06-07-2020- FBI Officials Take a Knee

06-07-2020- The Systemic Collapse Of The US Society Has Begun

06-04-2020- Antifa in Name Only – Same MB Network

06-03-2020- Tucker Carlson – It’s a Must Watch

05-31-2020- US on the Brink

05-29-2020- Panic

05-29-2020- New Indo-Pacom Funding – the Indo-Pacific

Kho sách qúy của VN

05-29-2020- Grenell says Democrats lied about Trump

05-29-2020- Trump signs executive order targeting social media platforms

05-27-2020- The Coronavirus Vaccine Uncensored

05-27-2020- The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades

05-27-2020- Ten Great Americans

05-26-2020- EU Declares China As the Next Global Superpower

05-26-2020- Meet Bill Gates

05-26-2020- Bill Gates- vaccine – $10 billion into $200 billion

05-26-2020- Largest Empires By Land Area

05-26-2020- The Biggest Empires In Human History

05-26-2020- How the Network Has Become the Anti-Trump Channel

05-25-2020-United Nation – New Order Project

05-25-2020- New World Order Unmasked

05-25-2020- New Details of Mueller Investigation Corruption

05-24-2020- Working To Declassify More Flynn Documents

05-24-2020- Forming Panel To Review Anti-Conservative Bias In Big Tech

05-24-2020- The Power of Applied Confusion

05-23-2020- Big Pharma Coup d’Éta

05-23-2020- Lockdown – Suicide Deaths – COVID Deaths

05-22-2020- Key Obamagate Doc Uncovered

05-23-2020- US Warship Fries Drone With Powerful New Laser

05-22-2020- California – 340,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks

05-21-2020- Who is running the WHO⁉️” (part 2)

05-21-2020- courtlistener – united-states-v-flynn

05-21-2020- Biden-Burisma Probe Subpoena

05-21-2020- Contrasting Accounts of Discussion About Flynn

05-20-2020- Audio of John Kerry, Joe Biden and Ukraine President

05-20-2020- Obama, Biden And Comey Targeted Flynn

05-20-2020- Treasury Department Spied On Flynn, Manafort And Trump

05-19-2020- 116 nations support investigating of pandemic…

05-19-2020- Chinese Spox Who Suggested US Army Introduced Virus

05-19-2020- California Shutters Veterans Home- $75 Million To Illegal Aliens

05-18-2020- Pat Sajak Has a Different Message

05-18-2020- Sheriff Mack Calls on – We Need Action

05-18-2020- China Confirms To Destroy Coronavirus Samples

05-17-2020- Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest

05-17-2020- Where Does the Money Go? Where Should It?

05-16-2020- Current State of Emergency in California Invalid and Unlawful

05-16-2020- Aliens Exist?

05-16-2020- Filmmaker Unveils ‘Trump Death Clock’ In Times Square

05-16-2020- Google Deleted tens of thousands Links News Stories

05-14-2020- Setting The Stage For Phase 2

05-13-2020- Russia Wanted Hillary to Win, Not Trump

05-13-2020- who may have ‘unmasked’ Michael Flynn includes Joe Biden

05-13-2020- CPC Sends Out Official Missive On American Coronavirus ‘Lies’

05-14-2020- Cattle Rancher Warns About the Meat You’re Buying

05-13-2020- It’s Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

05-13-2020- Focusing On One Group’s Suffering Is Wrong

05-12-2020- Roger Stone on Dark Journalist

05-12-2020- 2,000 Former DOJ Officials Call on AG Barr to Resign

05-12-2020- 18 State Urge Congress to Investigate Beijing’s Pandemic Coverup

05-12-2020- Grenell Takes Action To ‘Unmask’ Obama Officials

05-11-2020- They Want Modify Us with the COVID-19 Vaccine

05-10-2020- The Deep State Is Older Than You Realiz

05-11-2020- Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Stay in US

05-11-2020- Americans’ Views of the News Media During the COVID-19 Outbreak

05-11-2020- Auto Industry’s Reliance on China Market

05-11-2020- the Chinese ‘propaganda’ centers in the US

05-10-2020- Obama Worried Over Dropped Flynn Case

05-09-2020- COVID-19 – – Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself X 1000

05-09-2020- YouTube Takes Action Against Chinese Blogger’s

05-09-2020- What To Stock Up On For The Coming Year

Time to Wake Up, Flynn Exonerated, Pain

53 HPSCI Transcripts –  Adam Schiff – Russia collusion – Gen. Michael Flynn

05-08-2020- UW gives money to illegal immigrants

05-08-2020- Georgetown sues US for not giving money to illegal immigrant families

05-08-2020- JEDI – Amazon Formally Protests DoD Do-Over

05-08-2020- Database Of Wuhan’s ‘Batwoman’

05-08-2020- Your Genes May Determine You In or not

05-05-2020- The Dead Zone and the Cure

05-05-2020- NRO, SPACECOM Craft CONOPS For War In Space

05-05-2020- China is second only In Space

05-05-2020- Beijing To Prepare For Armed Conflict With US

05-04-2020- the Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

05-04-2020- End of US Global Dominance

05-03-2020- They Are Implementing their Final Plan, Right Now

05-03-2020- The Government Dossier On China’s Bat Virus Program

05-03-2020- Hidden Truth Behind Coronavirus Global Pandemic

05-03-2020- The 10 Most Expensive (And Cheapest) Cities In The World

05-03-2020- Harvard Kept Ties With Jeffrey Epstein After 2008 Conviction


05-02-2020- Dark Journalist

the Mysterious Origins

04-30-2020- Dr Fauci’s DARKEST SECRET

04-30-2020- 34 Countries – Yet To Report A Single COVID-19 Case

04-30-2020- Emails Reveal Agents Plotted Perjury Trap On Flynn

04-28-2020- 28 Million Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ In Four Elections

04-28-2020- Planned Starvation of America!

Kỷ Nguyên Người Tàu

04-26-2020- the truth about vaccines

04-26-2020- Shelter In Place Is Weakening the Immune Systems

04-26-2020- College Postpones Graduation for Straight White Americans

04-25-2020- The New York You Once Knew Is Gone

04-25-2020- The Rockefeller Lock Step Script

04-25-2020- Big Pharma Is Meddling in the Race for a COVID-19 Treatment

04-23-2020- Emails Suggest Obama FBI Knew McCain Leaked Trump Dossier

04-23-2020- Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci

04-23-2020- Federal Agents, National Guard Wasted on 2,500-Bed Camp

04-23-2020- Protesters Across Nation

04-23-2020- U.S. U.S. Intelligence Confirms China Is Responsible

04-23-2020- Corporate America Is “Incompetent” & Fed Stimulus Is “Dangerous”

04-22-2020- Email Addresses And Passwords Dumped On 4chan

04-22-2020- How Stefan Halper Set Up General Flynn + Svetlana Lokhova

04-21-2020- The Full Explanation of Unprecedented Negative Oil Price

04-21-2020- America On The Brink?

04-21-2020- Plandemic Predictive Programming

04-21-2020- How Many Vaccines is Too Many?

04-21-2020- China Suppressed The Truth About Coronavirus

04-20-2020- New Technology- Controlled No More

04-20-2020- German Newspaper Accuses Beijing Of €149 Billion In Damages

04-19-2020- Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci

04-18-2020- Kim Jong Un’s sister – most powerful woman


04-18-2020- US Launches -Full-Scale Investigation- Into Wuhan Lab

04-18-2020- Nancy Pelosi – $13 A Pint For Good Ice Cream

04-18-2020- Did Xi Jinping Deliberately Sicken The World?

04-18-2020- Chinese Soldiers – Next – Generation Assault Rifle

04-16-2020- Trump Threatens to Use -Constitutional Authority-

04-16-2020- NYC Officials Just Artificially Increased Their COVID Death Total by 57%

04-15-2020- Hillary Clinton’s Appeal to Avoid Judicial Watch Testimony

04-15-2020- Judicial Watch Subpoenas Google in Hillary Email Lawsuit

04-16-2020- Can Beijing Be Held Legally Responsible?

04-16-2020- Fox – Coronavirus Originated In Wuhan Lab

04-12020- Mapping The Wealthiest Person In Every US State In 2020


04-15-2020- EXCLUSIVE DoD Seeks $2.9B For Hypersonics In 2021

04-15-2020- Smelling the Roses

04-15-2020- Fauci Contradicts Trump on Reopening Economy

04-14-2020- Bill Gates – Our Plan vs. His Plan – Ole Dammegard

04-14-2020- New Cases of Virus Appear To Have Quietly Peaked in US

04-14-2020- COVID-19 Patients Need Oxygen Therapy Not Ventilator

04-14-2020- Morgan Stanley Sees Second Coronavirus Peak In December

04-12-2020- Out of the Shadows

04-12-2020- Fauci: Trump could have saved more American lives


04-12-2020- Out of the Shadows

04-12-2020- Huawei coronavirus health tools gather data on people

04-12-2020- Trump Chief of Staff In On Deep State Moles & Spies

04-12-2020- Massachusetts – ten died from the virus of a cover-up

04-12-2020- China’s Been Lying, Newest Move Proves It

04-12-2020- Investment – Your Secret Edge Over Wall Street’s Hedge Funds

04-12-2020- Economic Trends – Experts Got It Wrong Again

04-12-2020- Huawei coronavirus health tools gather data on people

04-12-2020- Trump Chief of Staff In On Deep State Moles & Spies

04-12-2020- Massachusetts – ten died from the virus of a cover-up

04-12-2020- China’s Been Lying, Newest Move Proves It

04-12-2020- Investment – Your Secret Edge Over Wall Street’s Hedge Funds

04-12-2020- Economic Trends – Experts Got It Wrong Again

04-11-2020- Bill and Melinda Gates – Medical Tyranny 2020

04-11-2020- CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, Politico All Change Headlines

04-11-2020- Coronavirus could turn back the global poverty

04-11-2020- Judicial Watch Sues to Clean Up Voter Rolls


04-10-2020- Consider That Trump Is Right About China

04-10-2020- Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Coronavirus Connection

04-10-2020- Meet the Hiroo Onoda Democrats

04-10-2020- Will 4 Mysterious ‘Spygate’ Figures

04-09-2020- Bill Gates Says “Mass Gatherings” May Not Return Without Global Vaccine

04-09-2020- Just How Bad Is It Going To Get – JPMorgan

04-09-2020- Liberal Websites Calling Out NYT for Smear on Trump

04-08-2020- Here Comes The Second Wave – Wuhan Lockdown Ends

04-08-2020- Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

04-08-2020- Pro-Beijing TV Made It Into The White House Coronavirus Press Briefing

04-08-2020- White House was briefed about the (virus in) China as early as NOVEMBER

04-08-2020- the FDA is still the same hotbed of corruption

04-07-2020- Patriots Control the ESF

04-07-2020- Bill Gates Palled Around With Epstein and Flew His Lolita Express

04-07-2020- The Shadow War Playing Out Behind The COVID-19 Crisis

04-05-2020- No Wonder WHO Covered for China

04-05-2020- Wuhan Study Mentioned by Tucker Vanishes

04-05-2020- Bush Foundation Sent 2 Million Face Masks to China

04-05-2020- India Drags China To International Court

04-05-2020- Nano Bioweapon Escaped from Wuhan Lab?

04-04-2020- The Great Darkness: The Children of MK-ULTRA

04-04-2020- The US Military Is Preparing For “Worst-Case Contagion Scenarios”

04-04-2020- The Shadow War Playing Out Behind The COVID-19 Crisis

04-04-2020- US Suffers Biggest Jump As Governors Battle For Ventilators

04-04-2020- Air Mobility Command (AMC) has repatriated 350 citizens

04-04-2020- Federal Prisons Ignore Terrorist Risk

04-04-2020- U.S. scientists say China hampering search for origin of coronavirus

04-04-2020- NGA To Tap Commercial Data On Military Targets

04-03-2020- Epidemic Is Not Over In China

04-01-2020- Supplies Are Tight As Food Distribution Systems Break Down

04-01-2020- Stocks Will Drop Below The March Lows

04-01-2020- Moscow Turns Blind Eye To Syrian Chemical Weapons

04-01-2020- Air Force To Transfer Missions From 23 Units To Space Force

04-01-2020- U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse

War With the International Banking Cartel

Chinese Biological Experiments Coronavirus Exposed In 2015

Pentagon Wants To Classify More Spending Plans

QAnon’s conspiracy theories have seeped into U.S. politics

03-30-2020- Federal stockpile of N95 masks was depleted under Obama

03-30-2020-  Literal Fake News

03-30-2020-Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker

03-30-2020- COVID-19 Is Saving Lives

03-30-2020- Oil Storage Space Is About To Run Out

03-28-2020- US Becomes First Country To Record 100,000 Cases

03-28-2020- RIP Federal Reserve

03-28-2020- $378M To Replace Risky OCX Hardware

03-27-2020- Mass Job Losses Threaten to Leave Millions in US Uninsured

03-27-2020- Big Pharma Should Stop Being Divisive

03-26-2020- Full Text Of $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

03-26-2020- US Reports Largest Jump In New Cases

The Richest Family in America You’ve Never Heard of

The Biggest Emergency

03-25-2020- Trump: Spread of CCP Virus Not the Fault of Asian Americans


03-24-2020- The Threat of 5G

03-24-2020- Not All of the Democrat-Media Complex Are Lowlifes

03-24-2020- Pelosi Obstructing Stimulus for These Insane Demands03-24-2020- Chinese Regime Directly Targets Trump

03-23-2020- The US Military’s Above-To-Secret Plans

03-23-2020- The Coronavirus Explained and What You Should Do

China ‘Inexcusably’ Hid Information About Coronavirus

03-22-2020- Coronavirus lockdown could last 10-12 WEEKS

03-22-2020- Neo-Nazis ‘plan to weaponize coronavirus

03-20-2020- Beijing’s Claim of No New Infections

03-20-2020- COVID-19- National Guard Chief Argues Against Federal Call-Up

03-20-2020- Ivanka Trump tests negative for coronavirus

Tiên Tri về Vũ Hán Virus

03-17-2020- It’s Time to Unveil the True Enemy of the People

03-17-2020- Can The Army Convince Congress It’s Learned From FCS?

03-16-2020- Coronavirus by the Numbers

03-16-2020- Hong Kong ‘Umbrella’ Movement Leader Freed From Prison

03-14-2020 vũ hán virus:


Coronavirus Caused by 5G?

WHO – Is It Wholly Owned by China?

CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Blasted for ‘Idiotic’ Report

US Coronavirus State Of Emergency – Everything You Need To Know

HASC Grills MDA Chief On ’21 Budget, Space-Based Sensors

Medical Supply Chain From China a ‘National Security Risk’

03-12-2020- FBI Knew Flynn Was Not a Russian Agent, Nor Did Trump Collude with Russia

03-10-2020- Is Bill Gates Profiting from the Outbreak

03-10-2020- How the coronavirus could limit shoe-leather reporting

03-08-2020- The Future Does NOT Belong to Globalists

03-08-2020- Biden Misstates His Own Name

Tin vui về virus Vũ Hán

03-06-2020- Black Ops 101- The Dark Truth about the 🤡

 03-06-2020- Beyond The Ford: Navy Studies Next-Gen Carriers EXCLUSIVE

 03-06-2020- Local Political Advertising Estimate Raised 8% To $7.1 Billion

Con gái Tập Cận Bình bất ngờ lên tiếng


Hunter Biden Touted Connections Last Year While Pitching UCLA Law On Letting Him Teach Drug Policy Course

9 Times The Media Weaponized Coronavirus Coverage To Attack Trump

IMF Head Announces $50 Billion Aid Program For Covid-19 Relief

HASC Quizzes AF Leaders On Space Force Costs

Attack On US Satellites Focus Of Next ABMS Test: Goldfein

Ancient Atlantis Research that Will Make You Wonder what this Place Was

Hillary Clinton Ordered To Give Sworn Deposition

Australian Associated Press to shut down after 85 years

5 Chinese State Media Outlets In U.S. Told To Reduce Nationals On Staffs

Most say journalists should be watchdogs


pete-buttigieg leaked voicemail to joe biden before dropping out of the race


Deep State Pete

The Wall Street Journal joins The New York Times in the 2 milion digital subscriber club

Obama Promised A ‘Middle Class’ Economy, Trump Delivered It

Trump’s New Budget – Non-Defense Spending Cuts

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